Summer Swim Clinic & Swim Camp

Get ahead of the game, this summer Megan Jendrick and ACQUA EVENTS will be again be hosting a four day Olmpian swim camp and/or a one day swim clinic in Washington. New this year will be a four day camp and/or one day clinic in Oregon.

  • August 13-16 Swim Camp at University of Washington (UW) Pavillion Pool featuring Jendrick, Mark Gangloff, and Scott Goldblatt
  • August 17 Swim Clinic at Fife Swim Center on August 17 with Jendrick and Goldblatt.
  • August 18 Swim Clinic at Portland State University (PSU) Stott Center Pool with Jendrick and Goldblatt. 
  • August 19-22 Swim Camp at Portland State University (PSU) Stott Center Pool featuring Jendrick, Goldblatt, Jimmy Feigen, and Chloe Sutton.

For online registration click HERE