A Note From Coach Sean--Share With Your Swimmer

KING Swimmers and Parents,

I'm relaying a quick story that may not have anything to do with swimming but does have to do with life.

A week or so ago, I lost my 'Kindle'. I was upset because I take it everywhere. Its small, convenient and I really like being able to change from book to book at a moment's notice. If I get to a stopping point on one book, I can move to another without carrying three or four books like I always had in the past.

After realizing it was gone, I was pretty sure I left the Kindle in a hotel. I called the hotel to ask if they had it. Nothing. No one turned it in. I didn’t really expect otherwise, but it was worth a shot.

I chalked it up to being a 'dummy' for leaving it somewhere. "Nice job," I thought to myself. "You messed that one up."

When I returned from traveling a couple days later, I checked my voicemail. I received a random call from a "Captain B…." along with a phone number. It didn’t say anything other than that.


I called 'Captain B…'. He was a pilot from Expressjet Airlines. Expressjet operates flights for Continental Airlines, which is merging with United Airlines.

'Captain B…' answered in a groggy voice and said, "Oh, yeah, I think I have something you might want. Did you lose something?"

"Oh, yeah, I lost my Kindle. I thought I left it in a hotel, but they didn’t have it."

"Nope, I picked it up. Give me your address. I'll send it to you."


'Captain B…', the pilot, saw another employee find the Kindle, told them he would take care of it, got the passenger list to find my name, went through whatever channels necessary to get my phone number, called me, mailed it, and then refused the offer for me to reimburse him for the mailing costs.

How great is that?

I pulled a couple things from this:

  1. Expressjet may be a great company or a terrible one. I really don’t know, but I’m a fan now just because of ‘Captain B…’s actions.
  2. 'Captain B…' didn’t save anyone's life or solve world hunger. I am not suggesting anything like that. But… he did go out of his way to do a nice thing for someone he has never met and probably will never meet. I think that’s a pretty great thing.
So, to 'Captain B…', thank you. If we live by that example, we’ll all be that much more grateful and happy.

Do nice things!

Coach Sean