KING Wins Combined Senior Sectional Team Championship

Among a field that included multiple Olympians, national team members, and collegiate post graduate swimmers, KING captured the combined team title at this past weekend's SPEEDO CHAMPIONS SERIES Western Region LC Section Championship. KING did it with all HIGH SCHOOL AGE SWIMMERS, as a true team effort with both the Men and the Women finishing 2nd.  Click here for Results

Top 16 Finishers:

Joanna Wu 100 fr 7th , 200 fr 4th, 100 ba 16th,  400 fr 10th, 50 fr 5th
Alana Pazevic 100 fr 9th, 100 ba 14th, 50 fr 2nd,
Heidi Vanderwel 100 fr 16th , 200 ba 8th, 100 ba 8th
Zach Wagner 100 fr 8th
Thane Maudslien 100 fr 12th, 200 fr 9th, 100 ba 10th, 100 fly 13th, 200 IM 11th
Keith Schendal 200 br 10th
Mathaias Oh 200 fly 9th, 100 fly 8th
Grace Wold 400 IM 11th, 200 IM 14th
Logan Rysemus 400 IM 12th,  100 ba 6th, 200 IM, 9th
Hannah Weiss 100 ba 2nd
Raymond Ha 100 br 10th
Alyssa Cook 200 IM, 11th 
Addie Chambers 800 Fr 11th
Tanner Brotherton  50 fr 16th
Top 8 Relays:
Women’s 800 Fr A 4th (Wu, Vanderwel, Sutherland, Cann)
Men’s 800 Fr A 5th (Wagner, Brotherton, J. Fulmer, Maudslien)
Women’s 200 FrA 7th (Wu, Vanderwel, Weiss, Cann)
Men’s 200 Fr A 4th (Maudslien, Brotherton, J.Fulmer, Wagner)
Women’s 200 Med A 8th (Vanderwel, Cook, Weiss, Sutherland)
Men’s 200 Med A 2nd (Rysemus, Tang, Maudlien, Wagner)
Men’s 200 Med B 4th (Lindsay, Ha, Oh, Bortherton)
Women’s 400 Fr A 3rd (Sutherland, Wu, Weiss, Cann)
Women’s 400 Fr B 6th (Vanderwel, Tannase, Nist, Penrose)
Men’s 400 Fr 2nd (Brotherton, Rysemus, Mauslien, Wagner)
Women’s 400 Med B 2nd (Wu, Davis, Vanderwel, Cann)
Women’s 400 Med A 4th (Weiss, Cook, Wold, Sutherland)
Men’s 400 Med A 2nd (Rysemus, Ha, Oh, Wagner)
Olympic Trial Qualifiers/World Rankings:
Hannah Weiss 200 back 2:16.60 ranked 90th in the world
                         100 back 1:02.61 ranked 41st in the world
Heidi Vanderwel 200 back 2:16.76 ranked 95th in the world
Alana Pazevic 50 free 26.34
New Junior National Qualifiers:
Joanna Wu 100 free, 200 free, 50 free, 100 back
Logan Rysemus 100 back, 200 back
Mathias Oh 200 fly, 100 fly
Raymond Ha 100 breast
Team Records:
Mathias Oh 200 fly 2:04.31, 100 fly 55.87
Thane Maudslien 200 free 1:54.26
Hannah Weiss 100 back 1:02.61
Men’s 200 Med A (Rysemus, Tang, Maudlien, Wagner) 1:47.36